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Student Achievement

IDCS uses several assessments to inform teacher practice and student learning.
I-Ready Diagnostic Assessments are used to assess students in Math and Reading from
Kindergarten to Grade 8. I-Ready Diagnostic is an adaptive assessment designed to provide
teachers with actionable insight into student needs. It offers a complete picture of student
performance and growth, eliminating the need for multiple, redundant tests. By adapting to
student responses and assessing a broad range of skills—including skills above and below a
student’s chronological grade—the I-Ready Diagnostic pinpoints student ability level,
identifies the specific skills students need to learn to accelerate their growth, and charts
a personalized learning path for each student. I-Ready is administered three times during
the school year. For more information go to https://www.curriculumassociates.com/.
Smarter Balanced Assessment: SBA is the Connecticut statewide mandatory standardized test.
Students from Grade 3 to Grade 8 take the Language Arts and Math tests. Additionally, Grade 5
and Grade 8 students take the Science Test. The test is administered in April and May. Results
from the tests are given to the school in August/September. IDCS sends each student’s result
to the parents/caregivers in September/October. For more information go to https://ct.portal.airast.org/get-started/smarter-balanced-assessment.stml
BRIGANCE Early Childhood: Brigance assessment is used to assess PreK students entering IDCS.
The test is administered in May. The BRIGANCE developmental screeners and assessment
inventories use observation, interviews, and child performance to pinpoint understanding in the
domains tied to early development and school or kindergarten readiness. Test content aligns to
the Common Core and many state-specific learning standards to equip educators with familiar
information to fit their existing framework.
For more information go to https://www.curriculumassociates.com/
In addition to the above-mentioned assessments, IDCS utilizes other assessments depending on
the needs of the students.