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The Integrated Day Charter School, in partnership with its children, families and community, provides a safe, flexible and academically challenging learning environment that meets the unique social, emotional, academic and physical needs of each child.

IDCS students will become confident, socially responsible citizens and lifelong learners who apply their knowledge to improve themselves and the world around them

School News‚Äč

Changes were made to our Admissions Policy as of January 15, 2014.  Please review the Policy (note: changes are highlighted).

“Communication leads to community …” –Rollo May

     The goal of the IDCS Board’s Communications Committee is to increase community engagement and improve the information sharing process within our unique learning community.
     If you would like to share a question, comment or concern with the committee, please click here.
     Please ensure your comments uphold the Mission and Vision and the Board Civi‚Äčlity Policy of the IDCS community.