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IDCS Boys & Girls Basketball Try-Outs 2021-2022

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IDCS Basketball Tryouts 2021

These are the requirements for students if they are to try out for basketball:

Grade level 4-8

Mandatory Pre-Season Parent Meeting Date: 11/8/21 4:30pm

Boy's Tryouts 11/1/21 & 11/2/21 Time 4pm-5:30pm(11/2/2021 no school Day)

Girl's Tryouts 10/25/21 & 10/26/21 Time 3:15pm-5:00pm

No Parents allowed at tryouts

If you make the team the fee is $120 (season start date is 11/8/21-1/14/22)

Academic Completion

Commitment to the team (absences can be excused by coach only)

Need to get picked up at all games and practices

Parent Commitment

All forms need to be in before tryout date (sports permission to play form & sports physical form)

Mandatory practices at least three times a week (practice will start 11/8/21 for girls & 11/10/21 for boys) Girls practice days will be Mondays (3:15pm-5pm), Tuesdays (4:15pm-6pm), Fridays (4:15pm-6pm). Boy's practice days are Wednesdays (4:15pm-6pm), Thursdays (4:15pm-6pm), Saturdays (10am-12pm).

Must follow all Covid 19 requirements! (need to wear a 2 layered mask at all times)

Any questions please contact Mrs. Monique at [email protected]



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