Our Staff

Administrative Support Staff
Business Manager Joanne Lund, [email protected] 
Payroll Manager Rachel Brown, [email protected]
Technology Coordinator Matt Scott, [email protected] 
Executive Assistant Rachel Stahl, [email protected] 
Specials Teaching Staff and Instructors
Library & Media Instructor  Erin Kobyluck, [email protected]
Spanish Instructor Carmen Morales, [email protected] 
Art Teacher Arlene Morrison, [email protected] 
Physical Education & Health Teacher Amy Stoddard, [email protected]
Music Teacher Terri Woronecki, [email protected] 
Strings Instructor Nancy Ziemski, [email protected] 
Classroom Teaching Staff
PreKindergarten Teacher Rina Strong, [email protected] 
Grade K/1 Teacher Karen Adams-Barrientos, [email protected] 
Grade K/1 Teacher Shannon Williams, [email protected]
Grade K/1 Teacher Kristin Maletz, [email protected] 
Grade 2/3 Teacher Corinne McOmber, [email protected] 
Grade 2/3 Teacher Megan Shaw, [email protected] 
Grade 2/3 Teacher Brianne Temple, [email protected] 
Grade 4/5 Teacher Krista Bouregy, [email protected] 
Grade 4/5 Teacher Elisabeth Lindstrom, [email protected] 
Grade 4/5 Teacher Mary White, [email protected] 
Grade 6 Teacher Allison Grant, [email protected] 
Grade 6 Teacher Denise Hawk, [email protected] 
Grade 7/8 Math Teacher Megan Battista, [email protected] 
Grade 7/8 Science Teacher Julia Cronin, [email protected] 
Grade 7/8 Social Studies Teacher Joe Cyr, [email protected] 
Grade 7/8 English Language Arts Teacher Tulani Gant, [email protected]
Classroom Support Staff
Grade PK Paraprofessional  Brynn Dougherty, [email protected] 
Grade K/1 Paraprofessional Michelle Knight, [email protected] 
Grade K/1 Paraprofessional Shawna Quinn, [email protected] 
Grade K/1 Paraprofessional Hether Speight, [email protected] 
Grade K/1 and Grade 2/3 Paraprofessional Katy Malon, [email protected] 
Grade 2/3 Paraprofessional Isabella Philips, [email protected] 
Grade 2/3 Paraprofessional Derell Wilson, [email protected] 
Grade 2/3 and Grade 4/5 Paraprofessional Mary Ellen Geragotelis, [email protected] 
Grade 4/5 Paraprofessional Sheena Despirt, [email protected]
Grade 4/5 Paraprofessional Rosa Fontanez, [email protected]
Grade 6 Paraprofessional  Margaret Buckley, [email protected] 
Grade 6 Paraprofessional  Monique Kercado, [email protected] 
Grade 7/8 Paraprofessional Melanie Brown, [email protected] 
Grade 7/8 Paraprofessional
Grade 7/8 Paraprofessional Mary Damm, [email protected]
Custodial Staff
Extra Curricular Activities and Child Care
Extra Curricular Coordinator Monique Kercado, [email protected] 
Food Services
Food Services Manager Ashley Pagan, [email protected] 
Dining Room Assistant Dara Freehart, [email protected] 
Dining Room Assistant Melinda Gray, [email protected] 
Health Services
School Nurse Peggy Rankowitz, RN/BSN, [email protected] 
Support Services
Speech Assistant, SLPA
Math Support Teacher
Math Support Teacher
School Counselor
School Counselor
Reading Support Teacher Amanda Hicks, [email protected]
English Language Learners Jayme Keefe, [email protected]
Special Education Coordinator Carrie Miner, [email protected]
Special Education Teacher Robin Perron, [email protected]
Speech Pathologist Karen Gehan, [email protected]