Our Staff

Administrative Support Staff
Business Manager Joanne Lund, [email protected] 
Technology Coordinator Matt Scott, [email protected] 
Executive Assistant Rachel Stahl, [email protected] 
Accounts Manager Joanne Tosses, [email protected] 
Specials Teaching Staff and Instructors
Library & Media Instructor  Erin Kobyluck, [email protected]
Spanish Instructor Carmen Morales, [email protected] 
Art Teacher Arlene Morrison, [email protected] 
Physical Education & Health Teacher Greg Perry, [email protected] 
Music Teacher Terri Woronecki, [email protected] 
Strings Instructor Nancy Ziemski, [email protected] 
Classroom Teaching Staff
PreKindergarten Teacher Rina Strong, [email protected] 
Grade K/1 Teacher Karen Adams-Barrientos, [email protected] 
Grade K/1 Teacher Shannon Williams, [email protected]
Grade K/1 Teacher Kristin Maletz, [email protected] 
Grade 2/3 Teacher Corinne McOmber, [email protected] 
Grade 2/3 Teacher Megan Shaw, [email protected] 
Grade 2/3 Teacher Brianne Temple, [email protected] 
Grade 4/5 Teacher Krista Bouregy, [email protected] 
Grade 4/5 Teacher Elisabeth Lindstrom, [email protected] 
Grade 4/5 Teacher Mary White, [email protected] 
Grade 6 Teacher Allison Grant, [email protected] 
Grade 6 Teacher Denise Hawk, [email protected] 
Grade 7/8 Math Teacher Megan Battista, [email protected] 
Grade 7/8 Science Teacher Julia Cronin, [email protected] 
Grade 7/8 Social Studies Teacher Joe Cyr, [email protected] 
Grade 7/8 English Language Arts Teacher Tulani Gant, [email protected]
Classroom Support Staff
Grade PK Paraprofessional  Brynn Dougherty, [email protected] 
Grade K/1 Paraprofessional Rosa Fontanez, [email protected] 
Grade K/1 Paraprofessional Michelle Knight, [email protected] 
Grade K/1 Paraprofessional Shawna Quinn, [email protected] 
Grade K/1 Paraprofessional Hether Speight, [email protected] 
Grade 2/3 Paraprofessional Isabella Philips, [email protected] 
Grade 2/3 and 7/8 Paraprofessional Sheena Despirt, [email protected] 
Grade 2/3 and Grade 4/5 Paraprofessional Mary Ellen Geragotelis, [email protected] 
Grade 4/5 Paraprofessional Margaret Buckley, [email protected] 
Grade 4/5 Paraprofessional Katy Malon, [email protected] 
Grade 6 Paraprofessional  Mary Damm, [email protected] 
Grade 7/8 Paraprofessional Melanie Brown, [email protected] 
Grade 7/8 Paraprofessional
Grade 7/8 Paraprofessional Monique Kercado, [email protected] 
Grade 7/8 Paraprofessional Derell Wilson, [email protected] 
Custodial Staff
Extra Curricular Activities and Child Care
Extra Curricular Coordinator Monique Kercado, [email protected] 
Food Services
Food Services Manager Ashley Pagan, [email protected] 
Dining Room Assistant Dara Freehart, [email protected] 
Dining Room Assistant Melinda Gray, [email protected] 
Health Services
School Nurse Peggy Rankowitz, RN/BSN, [email protected] 
Support Services
Speech Assistant, SLPA Amanda Chittick
Math Support Teacher Amy Cooper
Reading Support Teacher Amanda Hicks
English Language Learners Jayme Keefe
Special Education Coordinator Carrie Miner
Social Worker Nicole Godbout
Special Education Teacher Robin Perron
Speech Pathologist Karen Gehan