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Family Information and News

IDCS sends and posts family communications via ParentSquare, our Website, and Social Media. Please click on the headings below to learn more about each of our communication methods.  
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Questions regarding IDCS family communications can be directed to Executive Assistant, Rachel Stahl, at [email protected] or 860-892-1900 ext. 445 or Director, Dr. Ellen Retelle, at [email protected] or 860-892-1900 ext. 402. Questions regarding ParentSquare, the IDCS Website and Social Media can be directed to IT Specialist, Matt Scott, at [email protected] or 860-892-1900 ext. 437.
Important Information, Reminders & Urgent Notifications are sent to your primary email address and phone number on file.

Community News, Weekly Newsletter, Upcoming Events, etc. are posted in the ParentSquare Application.

Please be sure to keep your phone numbers and email addresses up to date. Changes to contact information can be made with Receptionist, Cathy Badorek, at [email protected] or 860-892-1900 ext. 400.

*If you need help signing up for ParentSquare please contact IT Specialist, Matt Scott, at [email protected] or at 860-892-1900 ext. 437.
Our website is constantly being updated with new information.  Please check back frequently for news, upcoming events and uniquely IDCS posts.
*Comments and questions regarding the IDCS website can be sent to IT Specialist Matt Scott, at [email protected] or at 860-892-1900 ext. 437.
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