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Board Members

The IDCS Governing Board is a diverse group of individuals who bring a variety of experience, skills and qualifications to the table.  The Board is comprised of 9 voting members; 3 Community Members, 3 Parent Members and 3 Teacher Members, who all serve 3 year staggered terms.  Any Board communication should be directed to Board Chair, Allie Martin at [email protected] or Director, Dr. Ellen Retelle at [email protected].
 Name Position Term Ends
Ellen Retelle
Ex-Officio Member
Debby Allard
Assistant Director
Ex-Officio Member
Community Member, Finance Committee
Appointed: June 2018, June 2020
June 2026
Brianne Temple
Teacher Member
Elected: June 2023
June 2026
Jeannette Hickey
Parent Member, Curriculum Committee
June 2025
Amanda Hicks
Teacher Member, Finance Committee
Elected: June 2021
June 2024
Brandon Hyde, Vice Chair
Community Member, 
Appointed: September 2022
June 2025
Shawna Quinn
Non-Certified Staff Member
June 2025
Kristin Maletz
Teacher Representative 
June 2025
Parent Member, Finance Committee Chair
Appointed: June 2019, June 2021
June 2024
Greg Perry
Norwich Board of Education Liaison
Appointed: November 2021
Norwich, CT Election Cycle
Sandy Quarto
Community Member, Curriculum Committee
Appointed: August 2015, June 2018, June 2021
June 2024
Hether Speight
Non-Certified Staff Member
Non-Voting Appointed: September 2022
June 2024
Britton Wilson
Parent Member, Governance Committee 
Appointed: November 2022
June 2026