Weekly News ~ January 10, 2020

One World Day, February 20: One World Day is a chance for all students from PreK to Grade 8 to represent their country of origin and/or their family’s country of origin, and/or a country they are interested in.  Students will create art and learn cultural dances leading up to February 20.  On One World Day students are asked to wear cultural or traditional dress and will walk in a “Parade of Nations”.  This event is a full day event that starts during the school day and culminates with a family event in the evening with cultural dance performances.  Please contact Mrs. Woronecki at terriw@idcs.org or 860-892-1900 ext. 326 if you know of a dance troupe or group that would be a good fit for this event.  

Research Workshop – Gauging interest: Please contact Dr. Retelle at ellenr@idcs.org or 860-892-1900 ext. 402 if you would like to attend a workshop on the research process.

School Logo Competition: Entries for the Eagle Sports Logo are due before January 31st.  Please bring your entry to Dr. Ellen and she will display it on the outside of her office.  The winning IDCS Sports Logo will be chosen by Student Council.

Spirit Day: Teachers and Student Council voted to change the January 31 Spirit Day from Twins Day to Sports Day to support the building of a Miracle League Field.  The field, to be located at Flanders Elementary School in East Lyme, is a space where children with physical, cognitive and developmental challenges can participate in sports of all kinds in a welcoming, non-competitive atmosphere.  The field will benefit all children in Southeastern Connecticut.  Donate $1 to wear a sports jersey, t-shirt or hat on January 31.  All proceeds will benefit the building of the Miracle League Field. 

Social Media: Many students use the social media app TikTok.  Please take a moment to review this article regarding security concerns with the app. 

Smithsonian:  Skeletons Unearthed in Connecticut May Belong to Revolutionary War Soldiers – Read the article HERE.

Free and Reduced: Did you know that you can apply for Free or Reduced breakfast and lunch at anytime during the school year?  If your circumstances have changed or you forgot to apply in September, simply follow this LINK to apply.  Paper applications are available at the front desk, which is open from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. daily.  You can also email Cathy Badorek at cathyb@idcs.org to have a paper application sent home with your child.