IDCS Weekly News ~ January 24, 2020

Research Workshop – Gauging interest: Please contact Dr. Retelle at or 860-892-1900 ext. 402 if you would like to attend a workshop on the research process.

Eagle Symbol:  IDCS would like to have an eagle on our sports jerseys and our sweatshirts and T-shirts. All students are invited to draw an eagle symbol for the school and submitted to Dr. Ellen by January 31. Students will decide on which eagle will be used. See submission example below.

Spirit Day: Teachers and Student Council voted to change the January 31 Spirit Day from Twins Day to Sports Day to support the building of a Miracle League Field.  The field, to be located at Flanders Elementary School in East Lyme, is a space where children with physical, cognitive and developmental challenges can participate in sports of all kinds in a welcoming, non-competitive atmosphere.  The field will benefit all children in Southeastern Connecticut.  Donate $1 to wear a sports jersey, t-shirt or hat on January 31.  All proceeds will benefit the building of the Miracle League Field. 

One World Day is on February 20: IDCS students and staff will celebrate 1 World Day through Art and Dance from different countries and cultures in the world. Students will be involved in the following activities:

  • IDCS logo (picture). This will be distributed to classes; students can color it, return it to school, and then it will be posted in the school. Ms. Holtzworth created this for us.
  • Flags - In Art, Mrs. Morrison is going to work with students to draw flags from around the world and to make masks that are from around the world.
  • Parade of Nations-Student Council and other students will be asked to carry flags from around the world on One World Day.

During Kindness Week, the Student Council will be collecting items and food for Animal Shelter.  The dates are February 10 to February 14.

Basket Raffle is a IDCS family event; it will be held on April 3. Each class has chosen the theme for Basket Raffle. Please talk to your parents about contributing items for your class. See News Story HERE for more details. 

Smithsonian: Study shows that the average temperature of the Human Body is decreasing.

Lost & Found: Bins are located near the former main entrance area. Periodically, pictures of lost and found items will be posted in the newsletter. At the end of every term, the clothes will be donated.