IDCS will be FULL REMOTE January 4 - 15

Dear Parents/Caregivers, 
This is a very difficult decision that IDCS is making regarding remote learning. We are making it because we feel it will keep students, staff, and families safe. 
I, and several IDCS staff members, met with Patrick McCormack from Uncas Health this morning regarding returning to school on January 4. 
Based on the following information and Mr. McCormack's support, all IDCS students will be in full remote learning from January 4 to January 15. At this point, we will return to school in the Cohort Model on January 19th. The information includes:
1) Data from Uncas Health; the positivity rate in Norwich is 9.8 and expected to increase because of the winter break and travel; 
2) There is an increase in number of cases/100,000 because of the winter break; 
3) The nurse was informed of 2 student cases last week. All parents were notified of close contacts. 
4) A staff member tested positive and 3 other staff members have to quarantine until January 6. 
Please notify Kathy Dooley as soon as possible if you or your children are being tested for COVID19.
The students in the remote classes will stay with their online teachers. 
We will have a drop off / pick up on Wednesday, January 6. We may extend the hours beyond 1-5. Parents/caregivers will be notified if the time is extended. 
Thank you for your support. Please stay safe.
Sincerely yours, 
Ellen Retelle