IDCS Plastic Bottle Mural


Many thanks to all our fabulous IDCS Friends that have helped kick off our bottle cap collection initiative with a huge BANG!  As you can see in the photos, our K/1’s have been very busy sorting them by color.  We are well on our way to begin our mural next week!


As a matter of fact, our IDCS Friends have been so fabulous at collecting that we already have enough white and clear caps for our design, so moving forward we will only need colored caps. We are ROCKIN IT!  

Keep in mind that metal caps will rust if used on our outdoor mural, so we are only collecting PLASTIC caps.  When finished, our mural will be 36 feet long, and will require lots more colored caps, so please keep collecting and bringing them in!


Thanks to all of you for making this happen!  It would not be possible without your help!!


-Mrs Morrison- Art teacher