NEW STAFF BIO: Bennett Nocera, School Social Worker

Name:  Bennett Nocera

Position: Social Worker

Number of Years @ IDCS: 1 year


What is the most inspiring part of your job? The most inspiring part of the job is seeing the students smiling, caring about each other, and the most beautiful/creative research projects I have ever seen.


Family, Pets, Home: I have a black and white cat named Lars. 


Hobbies, Skills, Talents OR what do you like to do when you are not working?  In my spare time I enjoy a round of golf on the weekend  and my slow pitch softball team. We have been playing together for 5 years now as a deaf team. I also love to hit the rails on my snowboard in the winter in VT and being outdoors. Cooking is something I enjoy when I have the time :)


Who is someone you admire and why?  I admire many people. I would say I admire our Director  Dr. Ellen for all her guidance, support, and kindness through the Covid 19 pandemic and helping IDCS be the best it can be!


If time travel and long distance space travel were possible and all fictional worlds were real.  What place and/or time would you visit and what would you do while you were there?   I would go back to Rome during  the roman empire, be a gladiator at the Coliseum,  race the chariots, and check out the  Da Vinci and Michelangelo art work.