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4th Grade/5th Grade

WELCOME to the 4/5

Math Rotations will begin this Monday, September 17th. Your child will be assigned a 4/5 teacher to work with this year. If you have any questions, let your child's homeroom teacher know!

Overview  of Academic Year 2018/2019

English Language Arts:

  • Class Books: The Tale of Despereaux, Percy Jackson, The Liberation of Gabriel King
  • Spelling, word work, book shares, reading to support other curriculum
  • Writing: Realistic Fiction, Bringing History to Life, Research reports (Informative Writing), Argumentative Essays



  • Place Value, Multiplication and Division concepts, Fractions, Decimals and Percents
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Moby Math, math games, Calendar Math and more!



  • Earth systems, Ecosystems, Properties of Matter


Social Studies:

  • Mapping, Environment and Climate, Regions and Human Interaction, Human Migration 



  • Summer shares and three more projects 



  • We integrate the visual and performing ARTS throughout the curriculum
Mrs. Dearborn

This Week’s Activity

1)___  Choose 10 words from the word list to LEARN.  With a partner and a dictionary, play Roll the Dice.  Hand in your highlighted word list.

2) ___  Bookshare:   Read to the second checkpoint and complete the checkpoint question.


3)___ SPANISH:     Complete any SPANISH homework.  


4)____ Research! Make a FOURTH visual for your research.  Plan for PEER REVIEW on Wednesday. Start organizing your REPORT!

5) ____  Expedition Antarctica!   You will write a  journal entry detailing one aspect of the trip (material needs, sunlight all night, water, glaciers, icebergs), include a story about what you  learned about the scientific phenomena while on the hike. Use our chart to guide you.

6)____ Human Migration:  Who were the famous people and places of the Harlem Renaissance?   Planned for Tuesday.

7)Math Facts and DREAMBOX:

______Practice 30 minutes of FACTS.

______30 minutes of DREAM BOX. Minimum of 3 lessons.

8) ___ Writing: Finish writing your NARRATIVE about Human Migration!

Miss McGuckin



Be on the lookout for the following notes from your students:
*Glow Notes*
*Grow Notes*
*In Search of Missing Activities*

2018-2019 Specials Schedule

Monday: Gym
Tuesday: Integrated Arts
Wednesday: Spanish and Media
Thursday: Music
Friday: Spanish and Art

10 Pronouns


This Week’s Activities

1)Book Shares: Read to check point 1 on your book! Complete day 8 on your Book of the Month sheet.


2) Decimal of the Day: Complete the worksheet with the decimal of the day  with the class on Monday!


3)Mad Minute: Complete 3 Mad Minute sheets on your fact family by Friday. Record your work on your recording sheet.


4) Novel Work: Complete your assigned novel work for either book club or The Lightning Thief.


5) Science: Thriving or Threatened?

Plan this ecosystem activity for Wednesday!


6) Writing Prompt:Complete the NARRATIVE writing prompt in folder 6!


7) Spelling: Complete the packet with your name on it in folder 7!


8) Random Act of Kindness: Choose one random act of kindness to complete this week. Complete the reflection when you have finished.

Mrs. Hawk
We are five weeks out from the end of the school year.  This is a time when students can be tempted to neglect the good habits they have built over the year.  We have been talking about finishing strong and not giving up in this final stretch.  They are working on being Attentive, Kind, Responsible and giving their Best Effort.  Please help me to maintain high expectations of our students in these areas. 
Here are some things you can do
- Help students complete activities weekly
- Help students complete research questions and visuals (they present in two weeks)

This week's activities 
The materials for your student's activities can be found on Google Classroom through their Google account.

Research Schedule