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About Us

Tickets for the Annual IDCS Foundation Wine Tasting on April 27th ~ Purchase HERE 
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Or Simply Print This Handout and Send it to The IDCS Front Office Along With Cash or Check Made Out to IDCS Foundation.

About Us

The IDCS Foundation exists to advance the educational opportunities available at Integrated Day Charter School.  To support this endeavor, the Foundation solicits and accepts gifts, prudently manages the funds, builds awareness, nurtures community relations and develops partnerships that benefit the IDCS students and staff.

Make A Difference


Integrated Day Charter School’s founding incorporator’s goal was to raise enough money to establish and sustain an endowment so that the school could draw (and eventually benefit) from the interest.

Each year, your generosity allows the IDCS Foundation to support the IDCS mission.  Gifts are directed to all areas of the school – from facility improvements, technology upgrades, equipment purchase, and art supplies to supporting teacher grants and general operating support.  Your generous support directly impacts the opportunities available for every student, in every classroom, every single day.


Teacher Grants

The IDCS Foundation was created to support and enhance educational opportunities at The Integrated Day Charter School. One of the goals of our first fundraising event (the 2018 Wine Tasting) was to fund teacher-requested grants. These grants are offered twice per academic year, in Winter and Spring, and for a total of $1,000 each time they are offered.  Individuals or groups (e.g. Grade 2/3 teachers) can apply.


Check payable to IDCS Foundation


Attend an event!  

Wine Tasting Tickets HERE



The IDCS Foundation invites you to join us, Saturday April 27th from 6-9 pm at IDCS for an evening of wine and beer tastings, food and entertainment, and a silent auction.  We are grateful to Norwich Wine & Spirits for sponsoring this important event.  Our own Chef Kim Reynolds is creating a menu of scrumptious hors d’oeuvres and light farepresented with flowers from McKenna’s arranged by June Morrone.  This is truly a community wide event.