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Health Screenings

Vision, Auditory, and Scoliosis Screenings in schools are mandated by Connecticut General Statutes.  See below for more information.
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Vision screenings at IDCS will begin October 15, 2019 and continue until completion. 
Vision screening as mandated under Section 10-214 of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) consists of a screening for distance visual acuity.  Vision screenings are required annually to each student in kindergarten, grades one and three to five, inclusive.  Vision screenings are also mandated as part of school health assessments under Section 10-206 of the CGS prior to school enrollment, in grade 6 or 7.  The purpose of these screenings are to identify children with potential visual difficulties that may affect learning ability and school adjustment. 
Students who have been screened by their primary care provider and/or are receiving specialist care and show documentation that it has been done, may be excused from screening. 
The Snellen chart  is used.  The student will stand a measured distance away and occlude the right eye while reading the letters line by line with the left eye.  Then the process is repeated with the opposite eye. If your child wears prescription glasses for distance, please send them to school with them.  They will be tested wearing their glasses.   
Documentation will be made in the student's Cumulative Health Record.  If the student does not meet the criteria for the vision screening in one or both eyes, the student will be rescreened 2 to 4 weeks later. If the criteria is not met again, a referral will be sent home for ophthalmological evaluation.  The nurse will follow up on all referrals sent home.
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Kathy Dooley, RN