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Policies, Procedures & Regulations

Policies are used to guide the actions of staff and students and to ensure fairness for all.  Policies are adopted, amended and approved by the IDCS Governing Board.  Any questions regarding IDCS policies can be directed to Dr. Ellen Retelle at ellenr@idcs.org or 860-892-1900 ext. 402.

Translate documents into your native language.
1. Download document.
2. Go to https://translate.google.com/?tr=f&hl=en.
3. Click "Choose File" and upload the document you want translated.
4. Select your language, then click the "Translate" button.

Para traducir documentos en su lenguaje nativo:
1. Descargue/Transfiera/Baje el documento.
2. Vaya a https://translate.google.com/?tr=f&hl=en.
3. Oprima "Choose File" y suba/cargue el documento que usted quiere traducido.
4. Escoja su lenguaje, luego oprima el botón "Translate".

Pou ou kapab tradwi dokiman nan lang natal ou
1. Telechaje dikiman
2. Ale nan sit entènèthttps://translate.google.com/? tr=f&hl=en.
3. Klike chwazi dokiman (choose file), chwazi dokiman ou ta renmen tradwi-a
4. Seleksyone lang ou vle-a, epi peze tradwi

2. 转到网站 https://translate.google.com/?tr=f&hl=en
3. 点击"Choose File-选择文件"并上传您想翻译的文件。
4. 选择您的语言,然后点击"Translate-翻译"按钮。

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