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Series 5000 - Students

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Policy # Policy Name
Policy Adoption
Policy Revision Date/s Procedures & Regulations Forms & Notices
5001 Admission Policy        
5002 Physical Restraint and Seclusion     5002A  
5003 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act        
5004 Confidentiality and Access to Education Records     5004A  
5005 Student Privacy        
5006 Student Truancy     5006A  
5007 Bullying and Prevention Intervention and School     5007A  
5008 Administration of Student Medications in the Schools        
5009 Transgender        
5010 Drug and Alcohol Use by Students        
5011 Suicide Prevention and Intervention     5011A  
5012 Food Allergies and/or Glycogen Storage Disease 06/22/2006 08/19/2020    
5013 Students Health Assessments Screenings        
5014 Immunizations        
5015 Non-Discrimination (Students)     5015A  
5016 Physical Activity and Student Discipline        
5017 Search and Seizure     5017A  
5018 Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment (Students)     5018A  
5019 Student Discipline        
5020 Student Use of the School's Computer, Internet and Private Devises