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IDCS Cares About Mental Health!

Our School Counseling Department recognizes the month of November as National
Stress Awareness Day. Everyone experiences stress, it is a normal part of being a
person. Learning healthy ways to cope can help reduce stressful feelings and

Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress:
• Take care of yourself – eat healthy, exercise on a regular basis, get plenty of
sleep, give yourself a break.
• Talk to others- share your feelings and challenges with a parent, friend,
counselor, or doctor.
• Take a break- take a break from social media; instead take a walk around the
Tip for Parents
• Maintain regular bedtimes. By setting regular times your student to wake and go
to bed it creates a sense of stability.
• Encourage your student to get involved in after-school activities. After school
activities provide an emotional and physical outlet and adds stability and extra
• Listen to your child’s thoughts and feelings and share some of yours, create
opportunities for children to talk and encourage expression, but do not force
• Watch and listen to your child and be alert for any change in behavior.
• Reassure your child about his or her safety, security, and well-being.
• Talk to other parents, your child’s teacher, or school counselor about ways to
help your child cope with stress.
Tips to Share with Your Student
• Encourage them to talk and stay connected to others. – parents or other
relatives, friends, teachers, coach, family doctor,
• Encourage them to get active -go for a walk, play sports, play a musical
instrument, join an after-school program, volunteer with a community group of
common interest, or try yoga.
• Encourage them to take care of themselves: try to get plenty of sleep, eat
healthy, exercise, and keep a routine. Any physical activity increases the level of
dopamine, “the happy” chemical, in the brain.
• Encourage them to take breaks when feeling overwhelmed.
Remember to call a crisis hotline such as 211 if you feel your student is
experiencing issues that are overwhelming to you or them.